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Wizarding World, 1977
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It is 1977: The Marauders have just graduated from Hogwarts and are beginning their lives as adults. Voldemort is growing ever more powerful and danger is lurking around every corner.

Who will survive and who will become yet another victim?

+Slash and het both welcome but remember: this is 1977. Homosexual relations under the age of 21 are illegal.
+For the love of Merlin, stay in character. It's not that hard, really!
+Where canon applies, apply it! For example: The Marauders' animagic antics are secret and very few people know that Remus is a werewolf.
+Character rp logs and player announcements go in the ooc community, w77_ooc. Ensure that your character is a member.
+If you think you know who plays whom, keep it to yourself. All our players have a right to their anonymity.
+If you must gush which we actively encourage, join weheartsirius.

Character List

+Black, Bellatrix: pure_bella [Class of 74, S]
+Black, Narcissa: toujours_moi [Class of 77, S]
+Black, Regulus: blacklionstar [Class of 79, P, S]
+Black, Sirius: deadly_sirius [Class of 77, Q, G {Moderator}]
+Evans, Lily: redhairedlily [Class of 77, HG, G {Our Graphics Girl}]
+Fenwick, Benjy: simplybenjy [Class of 74, Q, G]
+Lestrange, Rabastan: rabastard [Class of 78, P, S]
+Lestrange, Rodolphus: lestrangeways [Class of 71, S]
+Longbottom, Alice: whatshefound [Class of 68, HG, H]
+Longbottom, Frank: speakingfrankly [Class of 64, G]
+Lupin, Remus: monsieurlupin [Class of 77, P, G{Moderator}]
+Malfoy, Lucius: sir_malfoy [Class of 74, P, S]
+Pettigrew, Peter: sirwormsalot [Class of 77, G]
+Podmore, Sturgis: morepodmore [Class of 64, Q, G]
+Potter, James: packleader [Class of 77, HB, Q, G]
+Tonks, Andromeda: notablack [Class of 74, H]
+Tonks, Ted: theodoretonks [Class of 74, H]
+Vance, Emmeline: emmyvance [Class of 74, R, HG, Q]

[Key: HB=Head Boy, HG=Head Girl, P=Prefect, Q=Quidditch G=Gryffindor, S=Slytherin, R=Ravenclaw, H=Hufflepuff]

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