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Rabastan, I was planning to come see you this weekend, but your… - Wizarding 77

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December 5th, 1977

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08:26 pm

I was planning to come see you this weekend, but your darling Headmaster says he prefers no outside visitors. He says you are under 'restrictions'. How lovely. I rather thinks he's afraid of me, don't you? Maybe I'm a bad influence on you.

Do you think I'm a bad influence on you, Rabastan?

Rodolphus was quite amused by your most recent adventure, but never tell him I said that. Actually, he just looked over my shoulder and he said that I'll give you a big head. I think that's the goal, really, but don't get too full of yourself, darling.

I was planning on bringing your birthday gift with me when I came to visit. It's not really something I can suitably send by owl. It will have to wait until Christmas, I guess. We do miss you around here. I have a great many plans for the holidays. I think you will be most pleased.

Terribly sorry that I can't come visit you. And I was so looking forward to publicly chiding you. I think you would have enjoyed it too.

Your loving sister,

Bellatrix Lestrange
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Date:May 3rd, 2005 01:25 pm (UTC)

Your brother's asleep now. I've worn him out. Pity.

I do look forward to seeing you again.


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